Achieving the targets — the RECONECT indicators on NBS performance

Determining the right indicators

NBS literature has not universally agreed to a set of KPI to be used. Therefore, RECONECT has developed a tool to help demonstrators select the most appropriate indicators to monitor their areas. Firstly, three categories of challenges have been defined (WATER, NATURE and PEOPLE), deriving from ten challenges of the existing EKLIPSE NBS impact evaluation framework. Secondly, the three defined challenges were divided into goals (see Table 1) and sub-goals, based on relevant literature.

Table 1: Defined Challenges and Goals
Figure 1: The framework applied for the development of indicators and variables
Table 2: Socio-economic indicators were the most selected by demos
Table 3: Most selected KPI
The RECONECT tool supports demo cases in the selection of the most appropriate indicators



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The RECONECT project demonstrates the effectiveness of Nature-Based Solutions for hydro-meteorological risk reduction in rural and natural areas