Lessons from the recent floods in the Netherlands, luck or wisdom or both?

When the clouds started gathering and turning dark grey around what was supposed to be a lovely mid-July day, little did we know the devastation the ensuing floods would cause for much of Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

Controlled flooding through a bypass canal along the Waal river, Nijmegen, Netherlands ©Zoran Vojinovic

[1] Helmholtz Zentrum fuer Umweltforschung in Leipzig

[2] A groyne is a shore protection structure built perpendicular to the shoreline of the coast or river

House located within a floodplain on artificially raised land remains unharmed as is part of the controlled flooding plan ©Zoran Vojinovic
Map of the Room for the River locations in the Netherlands. ©Ruimte voor de Rivier.



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