Tackling floods and droughts with NBS

The river system of Dove and Gose Elbe (Hamburg, Germany) has to cope with floods and, more recently, with droughts. The distribution of the storage volume during flood events is now managed by the monitoring and control system, improved and finalised by RECONECT. Thanks to the project, hybrid solutions will also be implemented combining existing grey infrastructure and Nature-based Solutions

Brookwetterung (drainage system). Source: D. Ackermann, LSBG
Figure 1: Geographical location of the Demonstrator

Water-related hazards affecting the area

NBS implementations in the area and benefits expected

Figure 2: the envisaged NBS in the German demonstrator

Status of work

Figure 3: Implementation of the NBS for the Dove and Gose Elbe river system- the current status (1)-(3) and some further steps (4) and (5)

What has been the main lesson in working on RECONECT?

Have you identified other areas where to use the same approach?

What is a relevant achievement you are most proud of?

The RECONECT project demonstrates the effectiveness of Nature-Based Solutions for hydro-meteorological risk reduction in rural and natural areas www.reconect.eu